Understanding IV Cannula Gauge Colors in the Philippines

When it comes to intravenous (IV) cannulae, choosing the correct gauge size is crucial for the successful administration of fluids and medications. In the Philippines, healthcare professionals utilize a standardized color-coding system to identify different gauge sizes, which can vary from country to country. Understanding these color codes is essential for both medical practitioners and patients undergoing medical treatments. Let’s explore the various IV cannula gauge colors used in the Philippines and their significance.

22 Gauge (Pink)

The 22-gauge IV cannula, identifiable by its pink color, is one of the most commonly used sizes in clinical settings. Due to its versatility, it allows for a wide range of administration, including general fluids and medications.

20 Gauge (Yellow)

Yellow-colored IV cannulas, known as 20-gauge, are slightly larger in diameter compared to the 22-gauge. They are often utilized when a higher flow rate is required. The yellow IV cannula is commonly used for blood transfusions and rapid fluid administration.

18 Gauge (Green)

Green-colored IV cannulas are larger in diameter and have a higher flow rate capacity. These cannulas are commonly used in situations where rapid fluid resuscitation or blood transfusions are required. The 18-gauge cannula is especially useful during surgeries or emergency situations.

16 Gauge (Grey)

The grey-colored 16-gauge IV cannula is relatively large and is mainly used for blood products administration, rapid volume resuscitation, and situations where a high-flow infusion is necessary. Due to its size, it is less commonly used compared to smaller gauge sizes.

14 Gauge (Orange)

Orange-colored IV cannulas, or 14-gauge, are the largest gauge sizes used in the Philippines. They allow for the highest flow rates and are typically reserved for trauma situations, major surgeries, and critical care scenarios.

Additional Considerations

While the color-coding system for IV cannula gauges is widely followed in the Philippines, it’s important to note that medical professionals should always confirm the gauge size before usage. Additionally, individual patient factors such as vein condition, medication viscosity, and overall health should also be taken into account when selecting the appropriate gauge size.


To ensure the safe and effective delivery of intravenous therapies, healthcare professionals in the Philippines adhere to a standardized color-coding system for IV cannula gauges. Understanding the different gauge colors and their significance can help medical practitioners select the appropriate cannula size for specific treatment needs. By following this color-coded guide, healthcare providers can administer fluids and medications with precision and enhance patient care.

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