Types of IV Cannula in India

When it comes to administering medications and fluids directly into the vein, IV cannulas play a crucial role in the healthcare system. In India, healthcare professionals have access to a variety of IV cannulas designed to meet different patient needs. In this blog post, we will explore some of the widely used IV cannula types in India.

1. Butterfly IV Cannula

The butterfly IV cannula, also known as a winged infusion set, is a popular choice for patients requiring frequent blood sampling or short-term medication administration. It is designed with a small stainless-steel needle and flexible wings that provide stability during insertion. This type of cannula is commonly used in pediatric care.

2. Standard Peripheral IV Cannula

The standard peripheral IV cannula is the most commonly used type in India. It consists of a plastic catheter with a sharp bevelled tip and a flexible body. The size of the cannula may vary depending on the patient’s vein accessibility and the prescribed treatment. These cannulas are suitable for short-term usage and are available in various lengths and gauges.

3. Safety IV Cannula

In recent years, safety IV cannulas have gained popularity due to their innovative features that minimize the risk of needlestick injuries. These cannulas incorporate mechanisms to retract or cover the needle once it is withdrawn from the vein, reducing the chances of accidental needle pricks for healthcare workers. They also help prevent the spread of bloodborne infections.

4. Jelco IV Cannula

Jelco IV cannulas are widely used in India for their smooth and painless insertion. They have a unique design with a thin-wall cannula and a tapered catheter tip, allowing for easy penetration into the vein. This type of cannula is commonly used when patients require intravenous fluids or blood transfusions.

5. Split Catheter IV Cannula

The split catheter IV cannula, also known as a dual lumen cannula, is specifically designed for hemodialysis and apheresis procedures. It consists of two separate lumens within a single cannula body, allowing for simultaneous blood withdrawal and infusion. These cannulas are used for long-term treatments and require expertise for insertion.

6. Microcatheter IV Cannula

Microcatheter IV cannulas are extremely thin, flexible, and have a small outer diameter. They are commonly used for delicate procedures, such as administering medications that require precise control over the infusion rate. These cannulas are ideal for patients with fragile veins, such as the elderly or pediatric population.


In India, a wide range of IV cannulas are available to cater to different patient needs. From butterfly cannulas for pediatric care to safety cannulas that reduce the risk of needlestick injuries, healthcare professionals can choose the most suitable option for each case. Remember, proper training and adherence to best practices are essential for safe and effective insertion of IV cannulas.

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