Relevant CPT Code for Intravenous Injection

Intravenous (IV) injection is a commonly used medical procedure involving the administration of medications or fluids directly into the veins. This route of administration is often preferred when rapid absorption or precise dosing is required. To accurately report and bill for medical services, healthcare providers utilize Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes. In the case of IV injections, a specific CPT code is assigned to ensure proper reimbursement and documentation. Let’s explore the relevant CPT code for intravenous injection and understand its significance.

The Importance of Correct CPT Coding

CPT codes provide a standardized way of describing medical procedures and services. They ensure uniformity in reporting, allowing insurance companies or payers to understand the services provided and determine appropriate reimbursement. In the case of IV injections, accurate CPT coding is crucial to avoid underbilling or overbilling, as well as potential claim denials or audits.

Relevant CPT Code for Intravenous Injection: 96374

The CPT code most commonly used for reporting intravenous injections is 96374. This code represents intravenous push, single or initial substance/drug. It is important to note that this code describes the administration of a single substance or drug through an IV push, excluding those provided as part of a concurrent infusion. This code includes the injection procedure, as well as any necessary supplies and equipment used during the administration.

Proper Use of CPT Code 96374

When using CPT code 96374, it is essential to ensure that the documentation fully supports the entry and administration of a single substance or drug via an IV push. The medical record should clearly state the substance or drug administered, along with the appropriate dosage and any additional relevant details. It is also important to document the start and end times of the IV push procedure to accurately reflect the time spent providing the service.

Additional Considerations

While CPT code 96374 is commonly used for reporting IV injections, it is essential for healthcare providers to review the specific requirements of their payers and coding guidelines. Certain situations, such as multiple substances administered or extended infusions, may require the use of different codes or modifiers. It is essential to stay updated with current coding guidelines and seek clarification from payers or coding experts when necessary.


Accurate CPT coding is crucial in medical billing and documentation, particularly when reporting intravenous injections. CPT code 96374 is the relevant code for the administration of a single substance or drug through an IV push. Healthcare providers should ensure proper documentation and adherence to coding guidelines to achieve proper reimbursement and compliance. By understanding the importance of CPT codes and using them appropriately, healthcare professionals can streamline their billing processes and maintain a high standard of care.

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