Kitkath IV Cannula Price: An Essential Medical Device Explained

In today’s fast-paced medical world, IV (intravenous) cannulas play a vital role in delivering fluids, medications, and other therapeutic solutions directly into the patient’s bloodstream. Kitkath IV cannulas, a popular brand known for their quality and reliability, are highly regarded by healthcare professionals. This blog post will provide an in-depth understanding of Kitkath IV cannulas, their features, benefits, and pricing information, ensuring healthcare providers are well-informed when making purchasing decisions.

Understanding Kitkath IV Cannulas

Kitkath IV cannulas are sterile medical devices designed for safe and controlled infusion therapies. Manufactured using advanced technology, these cannulas offer exceptional performance and patient comfort. Their unique design incorporates an ultra-sharp needle, flexible wings for easy insertion, and a thin, kink-resistant catheter tube.

The Advantages of Kitkath IV Cannulas

1. Precise Needle: Kitkath IV cannulas are equipped with an ultra-thin, sharp needle that ensures minimal patient discomfort during insertion. The needle’s precision allows for seamless puncturing of the skin, reducing the chances of infiltration or leakage.

2. Flexibility: The flexible wings of Kitkath IV cannulas assist healthcare providers in securing the device in place. These wings offer stability, thereby decreasing the likelihood of accidental dislodgment.

3. Kink-Resistance: The catheter tube is designed to resist kinking, preventing interruptions in fluid flow and reducing the risk of occlusion.

Different Sizes and Compatibility

Kitkath IV cannulas are available in various sizes suitable for patients of all ages, from neonates to adults. The range includes sizes from 18G to 24G, with different lengths to accommodate individual patient needs. Additionally, Kitkath IV cannulas are compatible with standard Luer lock or Luer slip syringes, ensuring seamless connection with IV catheters.

Kitkath IV Cannula Pricing

The pricing of Kitkath IV cannulas depends on factors such as size, quantity per pack, and distributor. Generally, the larger the pack size, the lower the per-unit cost. Prices can range from $X to $Y per unit for individual packs, but bulk purchases may offer discounted rates.

Note: Prices mentioned are for reference purposes only and subject to change. It’s essential to check with authorized suppliers or distributors to obtain accurate pricing information.

In Conclusion

Kitkath IV cannulas are a reliable choice for medical professionals seeking high-quality intravenous devices. With their precise needle, flexibility, and kink-resistant catheter tubes, these cannulas ensure safer and more comfortable infusion therapies for patients. Considering the wide range of sizes available and compatibility with various syringes, healthcare providers can choose the most suitable Kitkath IV cannula for their patients’ needs.

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