IV Cannula Quiz – Test Your Knowledge about Intravenous Cannulas

Intravenous (IV) cannulas are vital medical devices used for introducing medications, fluids, or withdrawing blood from a patient’s vein. These devices require proper understanding and handling to ensure patient safety and therapeutic effectiveness. This IV cannula quiz will assess your knowledge on various aspects of IV cannulas, including their types, sizes, insertion techniques, complications, and maintenance.


Answer the following multiple-choice questions by selecting the most appropriate option. At the end of the quiz, you will receive your score along with detailed explanations for each question. Take this opportunity to test your knowledge and learn more about IV cannulas!

IV Cannula Quiz

  1. What is the purpose of an IV cannula?

    a) To administer oral medications
    b) To draw blood samples
    c) To inject medications or fluids directly into a patient’s vein
    d) To monitor a patient’s blood pressure

  2. Which of the following is NOT a type of IV cannula?

    a) Butterfly cannula
    b) Angiocatheter
    c) Insulinx
    d) Over-the-needle catheter

  3. What does the gauge of an IV cannula refer to?

    a) The length of the cannula
    b) The diameter of the cannula
    c) The number of holes on the cannula
    d) The flexibility of the cannula

  4. When inserting an IV cannula, what technique should be followed?

    a) Clean the area with alcohol and insert at an angle
    b) Apply a tourniquet and insert perpendicular to the vein
    c) Clean the area with alcohol and insert parallel to the vein
    d) Apply a warm compress and insert at a 45-degree angle

  5. Which of the following complications is associated with IV cannulas?

    a) Infection
    b) Hyperventilation
    c) Blurred vision
    d) Tinnitus

Keep answering the remaining questions to complete the IV cannula quiz!

Once you have completed the quiz, click submit to receive your score and see the explanations for each question. Good luck!

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