IV Cannula Parts – A Comprehensive Guide

Intravenous cannulas, commonly referred to as IV cannulas, play a critical role in modern healthcare. These medical devices are used to administer fluids, medications, and blood products directly into the patient’s bloodstream. To gain a better understanding of how IV cannulas work, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with their various components. In this blog post, we will explore the primary IV cannula parts and their functions.

1. Catheter

The catheter is the central component of an IV cannula. It is a hollow, flexible tube made of either plastic or metal. The catheter allows the flow of fluids or medications from the IV bag to the patient’s vein. Different catheters have varying lengths and gauges, enabling healthcare professionals to choose the most appropriate option for each patient’s needs.

2. Cannula Hub

The cannula hub is the part of the IV cannula that connects to the catheter. It is typically a plastic hub with wings used to secure the cannula in place on the patient’s skin. The hub also contains a port where additional IV tubing or extension sets can be attached.

3. Bevel

The bevel is the slanted tip at the end of the catheter. It is designed to facilitate the smooth insertion of the IV cannula into the patient’s vein. The bevel’s angle and sharpness may vary depending on the intended use and patient-specific characteristics.

4. Flashback Chamber

The flashback chamber is a translucent part of the cannula hub that allows healthcare professionals to confirm successful venous access. As the IV cannula penetrates the vein, blood flows into the chamber, providing a visual indication that the catheter is properly placed.

5. Injection Port

Many IV cannulas feature an injection port located on the hub. This port allows easy access for administering medications or flushing the IV line without the need to remove the entire cannula from the patient’s vein. It helps reduce the risk of line dislodgement and infection.

6. Winged Infusion Set

A winged infusion set, also known as a butterfly needle, is a specialized IV cannula that includes small plastic wings on either side of the hub. These wings provide a better grip for healthcare professionals during insertion. Winged infusion sets are often used when patient movement or difficult venous access is expected.

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