IV Cannula 22G Price in India

Welcome to our blog post on the topic of IV Cannula 22G price in India. In this article, we will
explore the factors influencing the cost of IV cannulas, discuss the importance of choosing the right
product, highlight the top brands available in India, and provide you with a comprehensive price range
to help you make an informed decision.

Factors Affecting IV Cannula Prices

Before diving into the price range of IV Cannula 22G in India, it’s essential to understand
the factors that influence their cost. The following elements play a significant role in determining the price:

  1. Brand Reputation: Established brands often charge a premium for their products due to their reputation
    for quality and reliability.
  2. Material Used: The type and quality of the material used in the IV cannula construction can impact the
    price. Cannulas made from advanced materials may be more expensive.
  3. Features and Technology: Additional features such as safety mechanisms, anti-reflux valves, and special
    coatings can increase the overall cost of an IV cannula.
  4. Market Competition: The presence of multiple manufacturers and suppliers in the market can lead to price
  5. Availability and Demand: Some brands might have limited availability, which can affect the price. Higher
    demand can also drive the cost up.

Choosing the Right IV Cannula

Selecting the appropriate IV cannula for medical procedures is crucial to ensure patient safety
and comfort. Here are a few factors to consider when making your decision:

  • Size and Gauge: IV Cannulas are available in different sizes and gauges. Choosing the correct size based
    on the patient’s condition and treatment requirements is important.
  • Needle Sharpness: Opt for a cannula that comes with a sharp needle for smooth insertion and minimal pain.
  • Flow Rate: Consider the flow rate requirements of the treatment to ensure the cannula can deliver fluids
    at the desired speed.
  • Safety Features: Look for cannulas with integrated safety features to minimize the risk of needlestick
    injuries and infections.
  • Compatibility: Ensure the chosen cannula is compatible with the infusion sets and devices being used.

Top Brands and Price Range

Here are some of the top brands offering IV Cannula 22G in India along with their price range:

Brand Price Range (INR)
Brand 1 200 – 300
Brand 2 250 – 400
Brand 3 180 – 250
Brand 4 300 – 500

Please note that the above price ranges are approximate and may vary depending on factors such
as location, quantity ordered, and seller discounts.


In conclusion, when considering the purchase of an IV Cannula 22G in India, it is essential to
evaluate the brand reputation, materials used, technological features, market competition, and
availability. Additionally, prioritize selecting a cannula that aligns with the patient’s needs and
treatment requirements. By doing proper research and considering these factors, you can make an informed
decision when purchasing an IV Cannula 22G at a competitive price in India.

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